Acrylic diffuser, LED light diffuser, acrylic transparent sheet, acrylic opal lampshade sheet, various process color sheet, etc
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Strictly control the process and technology, the products reach the national quality inspection standards

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Jiangmen City Jufeng Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Jiangmen City Jufeng Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in early 2008, located in Kangxi Industrial Zone, Hetang Town, Jiangmen City, is a dedicated research and development of acrylic production, manufacturing, marketing and sales of professional companies, mainly producing acrylic diffusion plate, LED light diffusion plate, acrylic transparent sheet, acrylic opal lamp shade sheet, various process color sheet and other products. Over the years, we have a unique knowledge and understanding of acrylic (PMMA) sheet, and the annual output can reach tens of thousands of tons on the premise of quality. With a self-built factory area of 5000 square meters, the industry is well-known and one of the largest enterprises, so the company is also committed to the development of new products in the industry unremitting efforts. And has a close cooperative relationship with well-known domestic enterprises.

Ju Feng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of acrylic sheet for many years to uphold the concept of "ingenuity" and "innovation" with the relevant professional management institutions, scientific research units to cooperate, introduce talents, innovative enterprise management concepts, improve the quality management system, according to the industry high standards for research and development, inspection to formulate quality policies and quality indicators, to ensure that product quality is excellent, quality is stable. Provide professional guidance and introduction to clients in related fields. And according to customer requirements to customize a variety of specifications of products, the company timely delivery by the majority of customers praise, the implementation of quality to win customer first perspective to provide you with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.

  • 2008

    Founded in 2008

  • 5000

    Owned plant area

  • 20+Years

    Industry experience

  • 10000+Tons

    Annual output of plate

  • 10+Items

    Technical certificate

Strong technical system

Now has a group of high-quality technical personnel and a large number of production equipment, the establishment of a strict quality management system, perfect production structure, to ensure the quality of products, to provide customers with convenient and fast service.

Focus on research & innovation

Based on the study of the light transmission characteristics of plastics, the high transmittance with industry-leading level was developed for the different optical characteristics of side light source products and straight down light source products in the market.

Full service customer

Make full use of its own experience and advantages, has established strategic cooperative relations with a number of well-known lighting brands, and strive to continue to innovate and progress, leading the development trend of optical materials.

Product Introduction

The acrylic plate has a crystal general transparency, light transmittivity of more than 92%, and the acrylic plate with dye coloring has a good color effect. The plate is scientifically added with light diffuser components in the optically grade PMMA particles. Its core technology is the use of scientific production process to make the diffusion agent evenly distributed in the plate, when the light passes through the plate, the optical effect of refraction, reflection, scattering occurs when the diffusion particles meet, so that the light is efficient, uniform and soft through the plate, while not revealing the light source.