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The role of acrylic and PC in LED panel lights

Category : Company NewsDate:2023-06-01

As we all know, LED lamps with its unique low power consumption, energy saving, high brightness and gradually replace the traditional incandescent tungsten filament lamp, with the popularity of LED panel lights in People's Daily life, the high brightness of LED lights at the same time caused certain damage to the human eye. How can the light become soft and increase the comfort of the naked eye while trying not to reduce the brightness, acrylic and PC diffusion plate light guide plate has played a huge role in LED lamps.

The following is a brief introduction from the physical characteristics and functions of acrylic and PC material to introduce its role in the panel light.

PC (polycarbonate) and PMMA (acrylic) are commonly used as diffusion plate substrates for LED panel lights.

Diffusion plate is mainly to open up the luminous flux, so that the uniform distribution of light, the main principle is to penetrate through other media caused by scattering phenomenon, diffusion plate has a unique advantage is the existence of three physical phenomena. Due to the frosted surface treatment of the diffusion plate, the visual effect is high-grade and beautiful, wear resistance, scratch resistance stability, ultraviolet resistance, good weather resistance, and can be used for a long time below 80 degrees Celsius, so it is loved by the public.


Diffusion plate main function:

Scatter the luminous flux, so that the light is evenly distributed (in addition to homogenizing the light, some composite diffusion plates can also control the exit Angle)

Support the backlight framework to protect the optical material underneath from damage

PMMA (acrylic) is commonly used as a light guide substrate for LED panel lights.

Light guide plate is an acrylic material in the optical material, is a high reflectivity and non-absorbent high factor material, the use of optically grade acrylic plate to absorb the light emitted by the lamp on the surface of the optically grade plate to stay, when the light is reflected to the various points of light guide, the reflected light will spread in all directions, after multiple layers of reflection formed a variety of dense, After the unified shape of the point, you can make the LED light guide plate can emit uniform light, even if the naked eye directly observe the lamp body will not glare, anti-glare effect is good.

Main function of light guide plate:

The luminous flux of the guided LED point light source is evenly distributed throughout the surface. His key role is to guide the distribution of light

More efficient use of light flux and control of light distribution by reflection mechanism